Date of birth: 12.06.1985


2018-2021 Stone Carving Institute in Königslutter, Germany

2002-2007 Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, RA

2001-2002 Art school after H. Kojoyan, Yerevan, RA

1997-2000 School of Ceramic Arts, Yerevan, RA

Aram Karganyan expressed his great interest in sculpture still as a student of Yerevan State
Academy of Fine Arts. The debutant sculptor started to work with materials such as
chamotte, basalt and marble. Nevertheless, his bronze sculptures, exhibited in various
national exhibitions in 2013, raised a special public interest. In particular, the artworks
named “Goliath Beetle” and “Connection” were famed for their scrupulous details and
elegant modernist style. The artworks by Aram Karganyan differ in thorough processed
forms, excluded ancillary effects. As a result, the sculptor reaches maximal laconicism.

Norair Karganyan, Sculptor

Selected Works